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  Participating Servers

Tracking 475 players (+8 new players last 24h) with 6,870 kills (+77 last 24h) and 0 headshots (0.00%) on 1 servers
Server Load Graph
 Server  Address  Map  Played  Players  Kills  Headshots  HS:K
valve [ju:nien] Corona-Bunker (Join) stalkyard 00:03:11 0/16 6,870 0 0.0000
Server Load Graph
 #  Player  Kills  Hs  HS:K  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
  No Players
  Daily Awards (Friday 27 Nov)

357 DenmarkMrColin (2 kills with 357)
Crossbow Sniper Perurodri.exe (10 kills with crossbow)
Crowbar Maniac Perurodri.exe (7 murders with crowbar)
Egon Perurodri.exe (20 kills with tau_cannon)
Gauss King Perurodri.exe (34 kills with gluon gun)
Glock PeruRAMFFER (10 kills with 9mmhandgun)
Grenadier Perurodri.exe (2 kills with grenade)
Headshot King    No Award Winner
Hornet Master Perurodri.exe (5 kills with hornet)
Latency United statesMrMarx (67 ms average connection)
Lord Satchel Perurodri.exe (7 kills with satchel)
Most Kills Perurodri.exe (123 kills)
MP5 PeruLUISJL (14 kills with 9mmAR)
Redneck FranceShadowfofneo (6 kills with shotgun)
Rocketeer PeruRAMFFER (12 kills with rocket)
Shady Assassin Perurodri.exe (16 kills with tripmine)
Snark Master Perurodri.exe (2 kills with snark)
Suicides    No Award Winner

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